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Located in the heart of Wingfield, we are a small family business. Taking pride in everything we make and serve, we believe we have perfected our dishes.
We are famous for our fantastic home-made chicken and beef schnitzels; but we also make our own special wing dings….now in all honesty we don’t see many children in our area but I recall we had a little visitor one day, his parents ordered him the wing dings that day, now anyone who lives around kids usually knows kids blurt out the first thing that comes to mind. In our case it was ‘OH MY GOD, these are better than KFC’! Our little buddy left us very proud that day.
We are an enthusiastic bunch, always looking for new products and menu ideas! So like any great diner we started experimenting until we mastered the Home-Made Sausage Roll! The only problem there is we can’t bake enough.

Other south terrace dishes include the homemade pattie, special marinated tenders and in the cooler months homemade Greek kaitaifi and greek vanilla slice! Oh they are yum.
We have all your favourites for breakfast, morning tea and lunch. Pulling together anything from ‘Bacon and Egg rolls’ for brekkie to fancy baguettes at lunch. Just tell us your style.

Our motto is we use only the freshest ingredients; we make things ‘MUMS WAY or NO WAY’. Our biggest secret is really we love what we do, and we love our customers.

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